Writing a cover letter for journalism job

Think of the core competencies as headers — and consider using them as headers Daniell Morrisey "Always go back to the job description as your base," said Morrisey.

If you are asked not to telephone the newsroom, do not call. One made a mistake in the name of the person receiving applications naming Mr Thompson Mr Thomas. Please find my resume enclosed. Responses to this question vary. If it is a sports or business role, for example, concentrate on demonstrating work in that area.

Leo Whitlock, editor of the Kentish Gazette says timing is not important. It will be photocopied so if sending a hard copy, avoid unusual papers such as acetates," Morrisey advised. I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications further. Address the recipient by name. Avoid essays and avoid negativity.

Include links to your work. Resist the temptation to regurgitate your resume in your cover letter, or the reader may simply toss it aside rather than move down a long wall of copy.

Always go back to the job description as your base. Organize the letter as you would a newspaper story to make a good impression on prospective employers. These put you off from the very beginning," he added. Write a covering letter as you would a news story.

Journalist Cover Letter

This guide is intended to help your application avoid the shredder and includes the perspective of those recruiting for jobs at the BBC, the Telegraph, local title the Kentish Gazette, consumer magazine publisher Future Publishing, financial services news website Money Marketing and here at media news site Journalism.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Journalist Resume Samples. Make your CV easy to read by including bullet points, advises Morrisey. How many people are you competing with? It is therefore worth Googling yourself to see what results are returned, checking your Twitter profile and being mindful of prospective employers when tweeting.

Ensure you check, double check and get someone else to proof read your application to avoid errors. Create the perfect job-worthy cover letter effortlessly in just a few clicks!

Some newsrooms will not have Word and unusual fonts and formatting can cause problems. Do not criticise a would-be employer by saying "your site is crap and I can make it better", warns Thompson.

Consider what you write in the subject line of the email. An entry-level position generates around applicatons. If an ad is running for four weeks, I would suggest getting it in within the first 10 days.

If you are not living close to the location of the advertised position, explain that you are prepared to relocate and suggest the required notice period.

EGMN Corporation

Be aware of location when applying to local newspapers. Written in but still relevant init explains how the online-only publication received 82 applications for a freelance position and only three of those people were able to follow all of the instructions: Six had significant spelling or grammatical errors.

An entry level BBC job leads to several hundred applications. Your job is to make yourself stand out. A covering letter should detail your skills, refer to each point in the person specification and give an example of how you meet each of the core competencies listed.

Thank you for your consideration. Do not be too descriptive, advises Whitlock.

How to: write a covering letter and CV

Most employers will request that you submit applications by email. Covering letters Covering letters are the most important part of the job application, according to Thompson.

Do not expect the HR manager or editor to research you. Five applicants sent a CV with no covering letter. He is an internationally traveled sport science writer and lecturer.

A freelance position at Journalism.A cover letter for a journalism job should follow the same basic rules of any other cover letter, but should also showcase your writing ability. Find media jobs and internships with newspapers, TV, radio, websites, magazines, and related categories in the United States and overseas How to Write a Cover Letter There are a few dos and don’ts for writing a cover letter for a journalism job or journalism.

Aug 29,  · Focus on the cover letter. It is not uncommon for me to get applications for one spot, so I’m constantly looking for reasons not to advance a candidate to the interview round.

Writing a good cover letter is your best shot at getting noticed. Journalism Cover Letter Writing Tips & Samples for Students If there is anything more perplexing to a budding journalist than a resume, it’s the cover letter.

Tips for a Journalism Cover Letter

I’ve found that these young reporters are often more comfortable telling stories about others as opposed to talking about themselves.

Don’t leave unexplained time gaps. If you took time off for family obligations, explain that in your cover letter. Keep resume to ONE PAGE by writing succinctly.

In resume writing, less is more. Use easy-to-read fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica in to point type.

Don’t use borders or graphics — unless you are a designer. Whether you are just starting out in journalism or a seasoned reporter thinking about a change in job this year this guide is for you.

It includes interviews with the HR managers and editors who sift through hundreds of covering letters and CVs.

Writing a cover letter for journalism job
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