Watching movies at home vs theatre

In fact, Indulging in the cinema experience is profoundly memorable. Some people prefer to watch movie at the theater and some people prefer to watch a movie at home.

Watching movie at theatre or at Home

But, on the other hand, if you are watching movie at home, you are more likely to spill your soda or smear your caramel on your sofa which then your mom is going to start nagging and become mad at you.

You may miss out on some of the best scenes. From the above graph we can clearly see that the amount of people hope watching movie at home is dramatically larger than the amount hope watch at theatre.

If you get stuck in traffic, you miss out or your plans are pushed back. It arouses you from being uninterested and weary. Recent advances in digital projection and the way film masters are processed from telecine to 4K remasterings and projections promise that those shelling out for inflated admission prices will get the state-of-the-art bang for their buck -- especially if the movie they are seeing is made whole from digital cloth.

If you prefer watching movie at home, the pros are that you can have your family time. They will watch the latest movies. I prefer to watch a movie at home instead of watching one in a theater. There is simply no convenience to going to the movie theater.

It all depends on many factors. When you watch movies at home, you can choose watch movies on the computer or television, while the environment is not very good, and the screens are small than cinema and the sound effect is worse.

It can be one of the sources to make connection in your community. Being comfortable is another big factor for me in determining whether watching a movie at home or at a movie theater? As a result, there is a list of reasons why movie theaters rock.

Why Movies Are Better in the Theater

This one is really a combination of many of the above, and the best part of a home theater. Last time I went to see a movie on opening night, I showed up late and ended up in the first row needing a neck brace. Costs like 5 bucks at the theater, a third of the price and always just right at home.

And we can sit in the comfort of our home. Though most of us still encounter financial struggles, we must not allow the fluctuations of a business cycle to limit our love, enjoyment, and access to film.

It creates enthusiastic topic to talk about commonly.

Preferred movie watching location: theater vs. home in the U.S. 2013

Whatever you want to be enhanced in your experience is at your discretion.Movie Theaters vs. Movies At Home Movie theaters can be a fun thing to do with friends and family, but staying home and watching a movie can be just as great.

Home theater vs. movie theater

Growing up going to the theater was always a special treat, because watching the movies at home were way cheaper. So, even now as a young adult the theater still feels special. Despite the many cons, somehow the cons add up into an invaluable experience called “The Theater” or “The Cinema”. Watching a Movie at Home vs.

Theater Essay example Words | 3 Pages. film industry is the largest of any industries with India making the most number of movies per year than any other country. Watching a Movie at Home VS. Viewing at Theatre While economic hardships still face many today, it does not mean that the enjoyment of watching movies needs %(1).

Apr 11,  · Going on and on about "the theater experience" and what viewing movies at home can't hope to match. There's always somebody who (to me at least) feels their theater going way of life is threatened. However, when watching a movie at home is it like watching the same movie but in the movie theater.

We always seek for the best and now I started to wonder which one is the best when watching a movie, TV which is at home .

Watching movies at home vs theatre
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