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This cannot be certain by any means; what if the terrorist cannot disarm the bomb? What if he is resistant enough to torture so that, in the two hours before the explosion, no useful information can be gleaned? Practically, can one even hope Torture essay example that a man ready to die for his believes is going to give up this information up?

First, one assumes that the bomb actually exists. He states, to be morally correct torturing a criminal or terrorist to get the necessary information, and is often the only way to help prevent more innocent lives from being in danger. You can order a custom essay on Torture now!

Torture in the modern world is a relic of the distant past. And while capital punishment is a norm in a number of American states as well as in countries around the worldthe propriety of tortures is a much more debated question.

Therefore, on a legislative level, the use of torture is not acceptable. His examples however, prove to be unconstitutional, unreliable. Do we or do we not torture the terrorist? The country that Torture essay example torture also risks to lose the trust of its citizens in itself and its judicial system.

Without clear proof that lives are actually in danger, torture is an unjustifiable affront to the rights of the suspected terrorist. A number of influential treaties prohibit the use of torture. Today, torture is rightly seen as a medieval and inhumane way of treating a human being, regardless of its origin, social status, or any crimes committed.

What if the authorities arrested the wrong person? In his essay he tries to give some examples as to when we might decide to use torture. In conclusion, I do not believe using torture is a viable mean. What if he does not know its location? In addition, torture that is officially approved at least once tends to become a regular practice.

In this case, an investigative error and the following suspicion of an innocent person can result into the application of severe psychological and physical damage to this individual before their innocence becomes evident. It is barbaric and unconstitutional, even if, someone may be coursed into using it to get what he or she wants.

Justifying torture becomes impossible. Though there are many proponents, claiming that torture is acceptable in a number of certain cases—such as against terrorists or maniacs—I believe they should not be tolerated due to several reasons.

Perhaps it does not—is there any irrefutable evidence to prove that it does? However, accepting torture as, for example, a method of interrogation, means citizens can no longer feel safe if they have to deal with justice, even and especially if they are innocent.

Therefore, torture as a means of justification is not acceptable.

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For example, article 3: Levin torturing is permissible when millions of lives are in danger. In the United States, for example, it is guaranteed by the 8th Amendment of the Constitution.

Is Torture Ever Acceptable?

Any way designed to justify its use is when certain assumptions are generally made. Thirdly, one assumes that torture will lead to the disarmament of the bomb.

In connection to this, some people raise questions about the expediency of using the death penalty or torture as a punishment for severe crimes. But in those cases I believe it is our own instinct that drives us and not our right state of mind.

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Secondly, it is assumed that we have the right person in custody. Torturing a person is unconstitutional but to understand why it is, just imagine being in their shoes. Examples are numerous, but they illustrate one fact: He does in fact realize, that torture is somewhat brutal.

Yet even in this extreme situation, consider what is assumed.Torture Essay Torture is a highly controversial practice that is surrounded by a complex ethical dilemma. The use of torture as an interrogation technique is as old as humankind. For example, article (a) of the Geneva Conventions restrict the use of “violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture” (Securing Liberty).

This present political essay is based on the issue of torture and the main objective of the essay is to establish whether torture can be accepted in democratic civilized society.

6 Pages ( words) Essay. To claim that torture can only be enlisted in situations that are clearly justifiable is simply turning our backs on the reality of life events. For example, if a soldier is captured it is clearly justifiable to use torture to ascertain the whereabouts of the captured soldier.

Torture is causing pain and suffering to gain information and confessions. It’s a traditional, historical, well-understood term.

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Waterboarding is a form of torture in which a bound, gagged prisoner is forced to breathe in water. This present political essay is based on the issue of torture and the main objective of the essay is to establish whether torture can be accepted in democratic civilized society.

Torture essay example
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