The snow dragon a short story

At last she dragged me excitedly through a gap in a hedge of an obviously private character; the waste, open world of field and hedgerow disappeared, and we found ourselves in a garden, well-kept, secluded, most undragon-haunted in appearance.

Perhaps, Peony, it will make them red if we both kiss them! Think what a picture it would make! Better get it over, and then we can go on with the sonnets. The parlor was hung with red curtains, and covered with a red carpet, and looked just as warm as it felt. St George then proclaims that the dragon is reformed in character, and he assures the townsfolk that the dragon is not dangerous.

Well, I will tell you a story.

Edward and the Dragon

His wife had been looking on, and, it being nearly twilight, was wonder-struck to observe how the snow-child gleamed and sparkled, and how she seemed to shed a glow all round about her; and when driven into the corner, she positively glistened like a star!

George, who had come out for a stroll in the cool night-air, caught sight of the two figures sitting there—the great motionless dragon and the tearful little Boy. They kept talking to one another all the time, their tongues being quite as active as their feet and hands.

This was the garden of my friend the circus-man, though I had never approached it before by a lawless gap, from this unfamiliar side.

Eventually, they decide to stage a fake joust between the two combatants. It seemed, in fact, not so much to be made by the children, as to grow up under their hands, while they were playing and prattling about it.

Lindsey, after a fit of silence, "see what a quantity of snow the children have brought in on their feet! You give me hold of your hand, Boy—thank you, George, an arm up the hill is just what I wanted! Do not laugh at me; I see what a foolish thought it is!

She is not finished yet. The dreadful beast must be exterminated, the country-side must be freed from this pest, this terror, this destroying scourge. I am the guardian of the Great Crystal Sword! Terror-stricken and chained to a rock, and all that sort of thing.

The Cloud Dragon

Our Violet and Peony," she added, laughing at herself for repeating so absurd a story, "insist that she is nothing but a snow-image, which they have been busy about in the garden, almost all the afternoon.

At last the banquet was over, the guests had dropped away with many good-nights and congratulations and invitations, and the dragon, who had seen the last of them off the premises, emerged into the street followed by the Boy, wiped his brow, sighed, sat down in the road and gazed at the stars.

All they want is a fight. Except at intervals, she could not distinctly hear what was said, but had merely a sweet impression that they were in a most loving mood, and were enjoying themselves highly, and that the business of making the snow-image went prosperously on.


You know about sheep, and weather, and things; I know about dragons. He was still pretty much a boy, but was so brave and intelligent that, without having to fight anyone at all, he had defeated all his enemies. All this while, the mother stood on the threshold, wondering how a little girl could look so much like a flying snow-drift, or how a snow-drift could look so very like a little girl.

The dragon was having such fun that he began taking special care with his playmate, to the point that, when they stopped to rest a while, they did it together, smiling, like two good friends.

Storm Dragon

I leave it entirely to you. You can clamber on the snowdrift, Peony, and reach them easily. To the right and left, the bare and willowy leagues of Downs; in front, the vale, with its clustered homesteads, its threads of white roads running through orchards and well-tilled acreage, and, far away, a hint of grey old cities on the horizon.

The time for talking and cheering and betting was past, the hour for action had arrived. But he only really found true fun when the humans would send one of their knights and heroes to try to kill him.

The Reluctant Dragon (short story)

They were as joyous, all the while, and seemed as much in their element, as you may have seen them when sporting with a snow-storm. But the fact is, nobody can help liking him when once they know him. He never expected anyone to stand up to him, and certainly not in such a brazen manner.

Faint imprints showed where a casual bird had alighted, but of other traffic there was next to no sign; which made these strange tracks all the more puzzling. The lines of spectators began to give back a little, nervously; and even the boys in front stopped pulling hair and cuffing each other, and leaned forward expectant.

But her brother was known by the style and title of Peony, on account of the ruddiness of his broad and round little phiz, which made everybody think of sunshine and great scarlet flowers."The Reluctant Dragon" is an children's story by Kenneth Grahame, originally published as a chapter in his book Dream Days.

It is Grahame's most famous short story, arguably better known than Dream Days itself or the related The Golden Age. It can be seen as a prototype to most modern stories in which the dragon is a sympathetic.

If you get a chance would you please complete this very short survey A unit of work based on The Snow Dragon. The Reluctant Dragon - 2 - STORY OF PLAY Since its first appearance inKenneth Grahame’s “The ever since snow was first a white wonder in this drab-colored world of ours.


In a poetry book presented to one of us by an aunt, there collection of short stories for children by Kenneth Grahame. The collection was entitled Dream Days. THE KIDNAPPING of SNOW WHITE.

Short Story for boys and girls written by: killarney10mile.como Lopez.M (Mexicali) In one kingdom on our planet living in peace and harmony were Snow White and the seven dwarves. One day, some ruffians appeared and kidnapped Snow White, leaving a note that said: “Give us million dollars If you want to see Snow.

THE PRINCESS AND THE DRAGON. There was once a very beautiful princess named Claudia, who lived in a very big castle, for her father was the king of Dragoland. The young princess usually spent her days playing with friends in the castle dungeons. THE KIDNAPPING of SNOW WHITE. Short Story for boys and girls written by: killarney10mile.como.

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The snow dragon a short story
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