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MFA Interaction Design

It seems like they have found a great roster of practitioners in the field — did you find them insightful and helpful? No, you do not. Each year typically has 15— My rationale was that the demand for interaction design is only increasing so taking this time now will set me on a better path before I have the additional financial responsibilities of a family or whatever may come in the future.

Whew, well done on making it this far! Is it a requirement or a preference? Led consumer-facing Product Design BuzzFeed — But back to your question, yes, a data-driven thesis is totally possible.

My classmates came from a range of backgrounds including architecture, industrial design, psychology, software development and graphic design.

I graduated from SVA IxD in and now regularly receive emails from potential students asking about my decision to go there. The more you know, the more ambitious your projects will become. I left that conversation feeling so inspired and a gut that was telling me this was the place I had been looking for.

And then I met Lizthe chair of the program. As someone with a reasonable amount of professional experience going in I found the most value in the strategy and systems classes which skew more toward philosophy and tactics than pure craft.

Does this qualify as professional experience? There is also the burden of not being able to take on paid freelance work for US clients during semester time. What would you say is the average size of your class?

Why Did You Study an MFA in Interaction Design at SVA?

Other classmates had worked for a year after undergraduate or were very experienced in a related design discipline but were in the throes of transitioning to interaction design. I am not independently wealthy so this was by far the most terrifying aspect of joining.

Did you consider those before finalizing on SVA interaction program? Really, a lot of the thesis process at SVA is about the journey you go through to explore a domain or curiosity, and less about the final artifact you end up making. If you start on day 1 thinking you know everything, an MFA is not a valuable use of your time.

I will say that both places have a ton of exciting things happening in design and tech so I would make your choice based on the environment you want to live in rather than the type of company you want to work for, unless you want to design interactions with hardware, in which case, Silicon Valley will provide more opportunities than New York.

My class included some who had coding experience but many who had only just scratched the surface. My class was unusually small at 12 students.

What are your thoughts? Regardless of whether they are teaching, many faculty are extremely supportive and are willing to guide and mentor those who seek them out.OPENING REMARKS.

Chair of the MFA Products of Design, Allan Chochinov begins the inaugural thesis presentations at the SVA Theatre in New York Students study concepts central to interaction design, including design research, human-computer interaction, interface design, graphic design, information architecture and ubiquitous computing.

Each class becomes a community and each choice a commitment with a story to build upon. The mission of the School of Visual Arts BFA Interior Design is to educate the next generation of interior designers with special emphasis on the conceptual, creative and design leadership aspects of the interior design profession over routine practice.

Documentation of all thesis projects must be on file in the MFA Interaction Design Department to be eligible for degree conferral. A matriculation of two academic years. Students must complete their degree within four years, unless given an. MFA Interaction Design invites you to join us for State Change: The MFA Interaction Design Thesis Festival.

The event will include a series of presentations at the SVA Theatre and an exhibition that follows, where products and ideas come to life at the SVA Gramercy Gallery. On May 8th, MFA Interaction Design will host the Thesis Festival: Wonderful Behaviors.

The event will include a series of presentations at the SVA Theatre and an exhibition where products and ideas come to life.

Sva interaction design thesis
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