Postcards from pluto writing activity for grade

On the front, ask your child to draw a picture that depicts something that he has seen or done during his travels abroad. To narrow the search down, suggest that he focus on a particular country or activity such as Namibia or touring sand dunes.

Write a Postcard From Africa

They were so smooth and in the morning light, they appeared to be red! On the back, have your child write a message to his friend explaining his picture.

The teacher will assist and supervise as needed. The children may ask questions as they think of them. The students will become familiar with facts about the nine planets.

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The children will then be introduced to the concept of stars. The students will individually create their own constellations. This activity should be easily accomplished by any child.

Postcard from Pluto Planet Writing

Perhaps showing the clip of the Lion King where they are discussing the origins of stars. Paper Bag Books Lesson Objective: At the other station, the computer will have a CD-Rom set up and ready for the children to explore various space topics,especially stars.

They will learn that there are groups of stars called constellations. After reading the book and having a discussion the teacher will separate the children into groups that will go to stations to complete the tasks of creating a constellation and using a CD-Rom to learn about stars and other space issues.

Paper Bag Books 2nd Grade: Postcards from the Planets 3rd Grade: What the Teacher Will Do: It is 80 million years old!

Postcards from Pluto

Instructional Materials and Resources: Now your child has an eye-catching postcard collection to share with family and friends, and no postage is required! Then ask him to pretend that he has embarked upon a trip to that part of Africa and is experiencing all that the local culture has to offer.

They will be given the chance to tell the class a small story explaining their constellation. The teacher will ask the children what they know about stars.

The students will learn the steps in the writing process and use them to write a paragraph about their planet. Then they will take a piece of chalk and draw lines connecting the stars together, forming a constellation. Thin piece of cardboard, approximately the size of a postcard Pen or pencil Colored markers Book about life in Africa, such as: Using his imagination, ask your child to write a postcard to a friend back home describing his experiences in Africa.

For example, the scene on one side might depict red sand dunes during sunrise and the written portion on the other side may read: Have your child go to the library or go online and find some information about Africa. The students will be divided into groups of nine.

The students will be introduced to the origin of the stars they see at night. To make a very simple mobile, just clip the postcards with clothes pins to a wire hanger and hook the top part of the hanger to a planter hook inserted into the ceiling.

They will then take 10 star stickers and place them on their black construction paper. After completing both activities the children will return to the group and share their "Constellation Creation.

The children will listen to the story. The children will be evaluated through the creation of their constellations and ability to work in groups on the computers. Thank you for your input. What the Children Will Do: The children will listen to books read by the teacher and then will be given the opportunity to create their own "Constellation Creation.The Postcard Creator helps students learn to identify all the typical parts of a postcard, and then generate their own postcard messages by typing information into letter templates.

Postcard Creator

After printing their texts, students can illustrate the front of their postcards in a variety of ways, including drawing, collage, and stickers. Pluto lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning. subject, grade, type, and more Curriculum Manager (My Resources) Postcards from Pluto 2nd.

This Postcards from Pluto Lesson Plan is suitable for 2nd Grade. Second graders discover the 9 planets and different descriptions and characteristics of each. They write a postcard home from their favorite planet as if they were visiting or living there.

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Postcards from Pluto part 2, third grade 2. Essential Questions: What are defining characteristics of the p Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Now give each student a postcard and have them write to their secret buddy, practicing the writing process as demonstrated in the main lesson.

As students work, walk around to support and guide.

Postcards from pluto writing activity for grade
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