Positive points on ragging

Ragging at private universities and higher education institutes are at a minimum as compared to government universities which has prompted many students with financial means to enroll in private establishments. But, only complaints were registered in this period. The Higher Education Minister at the time, S.

Traditionally, ragging would entail seniors mocking or jeering at freshers within a dedicated period of time - usually the first few months of an undergraduates university life. Although, it comes under extreme cases of ragging and on complaint will lead to strict punishment to that senior In India[ edit ] Highly reputed Indian colleges have a history of ragging especially Medical colleges.

But with the situation of ragging worsening yearly, there is a spontaneously emerging anti-ragging movement in each and every faculty of the universities that ragging exists. It has become increasingly unpopular due to several complaints of serious injury to the victims and stringent laws pertaining to ragging.

Many senior students state they do not wish to rag juniors but succumb to peer pressure. December Ragging is widely prevalent in Sri Lanka. Several faculties in several universities have become rag-free due to these movements, strengthened laws as well as practical difficulties in conducting ragging such as not providing accommodation facilities to the first-year students.

Chandima Wijebandara, the Vice Chancellor of University of Sri Jayewardenepura resigned from his post as a result of students failing to comply with his orders to eliminate ragging from the university. The death was later ruled a suicide.

Dissanayakestressed that firm action will be taken against those who are found guilty of such activities in future and would be expelled from the university.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In the session, approximately 7 ragging deaths have been reported. Raghavan, met victims, guardians and others across the country. A report from highlights 42 instances of physical injury, and reports on ten deaths purportedly the result of ragging: The dress code prescribed is generally unusual, e.

Varapragash, an Engineering student of University of Peradeniyadied from a kidney failure following severe ragging by senior students. Often media reports and others unearth that it goes on, in many institutions, in the infamous Abu Ghraib style: It consists of an email id and a hour toll-free number.

The form of verbal ragging differs from one institution to another. Verbal torture[ edit ] Verbal torture involves indulging in loose talks[ clarification needed ]. These aliases are used primarily as a means of preventing the university authorities identifying the students who are involved in ragging and other unlawful activities.

Introduction[ edit ] Inception of ragging can be pleasant at first, hence the name Mal Samaya. Students who involve in ragging should not be considered as students, but as cruel criminals and severely dealt with so. As fewer military persons entered the universities, ragging devolved into a violent and hazardous exercise that has been largely utilized for political purposes and thuggery.

Is there any positive side of Ragging in the colleges?

Many a times students changed their minds also midway not to register the complaint. In addition, a number of freshmen were severely traumatised to the extent that they were admitted to mental institutions.

Police stated that D.Is ranging good or bad for students and why? is ranging is good or bad for students and why? # 12 Dec Points: 2: Ragging is bad in every school and college. This can be very painful for new comer students.

First new comer student are innocent and does not know complete rules of the college or institute. Oct 06,  · i am doing one seminar about that ragging is good and i just want to prepare for that so please help me to give some points to make it as a successful killarney10mile.com: Resolved. I’m Pursuing killarney10mile.com CSE.

I’ll tell you +ve and -ve points as a CSE Student. Positive Points-Some Teachers are good. Good Placement Records. No Ragging. Apr 20,  · Constructive form of ragging has its positive points. You learn about humility, respect for superiors, and anger management. You become a refined person and you learn to deal with life situations in a better way.

Some points to remember about ragging • Ragging is an act of aggression committed by an individual or a group of individuals over another individual or a group of individuals where the first group, by virtue of their being senior to the second group, somehow get the authority and audacity to commit the act and the second.

Definition of 'ragging'

In interview we are asked "what is your positive and Negative points?". Answer / vikas. My strength is that I am hard worker and self motivated person and if I have any work or project then for that first I decide to make a proper plan and schedule then start it.

And I am good in team work and I like team work.

Positive points on ragging
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