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Employing this approach, it may also be possible for the utility company to avoid the expense of building substation or generation capacity solely to be able to withstand such extreme situations. Implanted with psi-tech technology, Cara Carlinni is on the run from Alphacorp, a megacorporation more powerful than any one planetary government.

Each intelligent luminaire manager is capable of rerouting data through an alternative path, should one or more of the intelligent luminaire managers fail. Preferably, each master controller is responsible for linking several intelligent luminaire managers to network operation center An identification code can also be stored in a memory of each luminaire manager An alternative approach would permit extension of time-of-day rate setting to allow more frequent e.

If real power is changing, control passes to step The system further preferably includes a pair of microcomputers. In stepa ratio between real power and apparent power is calculated e.

In the drawings, like reference numbers indicate identical or functionally similar elements. As noted above, enclosure preferably conforms to appropriate NEMA and ANSI standards so that is can be installed on an intended light fixture without requiring a new mount and without requiring any rewiring or physical modification of the fixture.

This approach reduces travel time between lights. Simple payback is an accepted metric for some projects. Of course, other processors and operating systems may be employed; the choice of processor and operating system is not a critical aspect of the invention.

The use of conventional photo-controls to control outdoor lights luminaires also leads to maintenance and repair issues. Example on-time and off-time commands that can be programmed include: To make these cost comparisons using monthly billing statements probably is not practical because it is not realistic to conduct a multi-month-long controlled experiment wherein all other energy consumption is constant except for the use of a first appliance one month and the use of a different, second appliance another month.

Persons skilled in the relevant arts will know how to select a second threshold value given the description herein. For example, the customer might be willing to operate a swimming pool heater only so long as the energy cost is below an amount set i.

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Lighting system operators e. In embodiments, enclosure is formed from a highly durable material, such as plastic, that is appropriate for outdoor use and that will withstand the expected weather and temperatures variations at the intended location of installation.

The discussions involved finalizing the requirements of a credential ICP Quality Assurance Provider, review of the QA checklist, and discussion about the term "Quality Assurance" and if it is appropriate. Turning now to FIG.

Uncertainty and risk - Will add references to this section in other sections of the specification as appropriate. Can be an individual, an independent firm, or a program Must be a PE if an individual or have a PE on staff to oversee and approve all review efforts if a firm Minimum of five years of relevant energy efficiency project development experience, and three years quality assurance review experience, documented in the form of a CV outlining relevant project experiences Must attend the ICP Credentialed Project Developer training Must complete the ICP Credentialed Quality Assurance Provider training Primary responsibilities include: In one embodiment, network operation center couples to master controllers via an internet protocol infrastructure provided by third party carrier network services.

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In certain applications, a counter may be used to keep track of how many times a lamp has cycled, for example, during a single night.address stamp (17 items found) Best Match Price, Low to High Price, High to Low Name, A-Z Name, Z-A Top Rating New Arrivals SORT BY.

Are there regional or national/agency initiatives to address specific utility usage issues (e. (A complete Objectives list of metered data uses is presented in Chapter 7. For example.2 Metering Best Practices Guide. how this is done will depend on how the metered data are used.

an outcome might be to reduce energy costs by 10 percent. Metering Best Practises - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Find great deals on eBay for address stamp. Shop with confidence. Belimo Americas, the leading producer of electronic valves and air damper actuators, announces enhancements to SelectPro™, the company’s unique and powerful sizing and selection killarney10mile.comPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, and replacement solutions.

ECAM was initially developed by NorthWrite with later assistance from PNNL. A number of free web-based training tools are available for users to learn how to use and benefit from ECAM+. Figure would like to thank the agencies involved for allowing us to share the data and the lessons learned.

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