How to write a good speaker bio

What I mean by this is many professional speakers have a main presentation that they may modify a little bit to the group that they are speaking to to fit the theme. How do you balance the need for objectivity with the temptation to hyperbolize?

Assume with each word in your bio that fewer and fewer people will keep reading.

How To Write A Good Bio

Leadership is for everyone, everyday. Bob Smith won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, twice. Length is particularly important if your biography will be included in a printed program, as there will be a limited amount of space for each layout.

These are some speaker bio guidelines that I have found useful: A good rule of thumb is anywhere from three to six sentences in length. Keep your speaker biography brief—no more than 75 to words.

Boasting is best when validated by a third party. Update these periodically and have somebody review it for you. Her Dad taught her to fly fish before she could walk and she has fished every day since he died.

For example, "Barb Jones is a textile designer by trade with a flair for finding exotic fabrics from all parts of the world.

4 Tips to Create Your Conference Speaker Bio

Percent of people who think they are clever: This leads to descriptions that convey accomplishment without arrogance, modesty with milestones. She stays calm and composed, even when the pressure is on or a deadline is looming. These descriptions come verbatim from the program brochure.

Jones specializes in the unusual.

Speaker Bio: How to Write a Speaker Bio that Thrills Your Audience

Have a current one that looks good in black and white and another that looks good in color. The most powerful word in marketing is YOU. Is it all about the situation? Instead, she lets quotes and stats testify to her worth. You can go to Fiverr.

Is it charisma and positive thinking? On one hand, no one knows you better than you.

Another recommendation…ALWAYS provide your Speaker Biography to a group along with a brief overview of your program and what their group will learn or benefits they will take away. They want to provide as much value to their people as they can.

He loves to drink whiskey on all days. His real name is Paul Hewson. Pinstripes and red power ties? Their time, just like yours is precious. Your Speaker Biography is a piece of the pie to provide value to the group AND make the individual who chose you look like they did a good job.

Start with your first and last name, then use your first name for future references if the conference is friendly and informal. This implied compliment gets buyers to WANT to qualify to work with you.

Some of the entry software cuts the information off. Instead of this formal style:Another speaker wrote that he “specializes in” online relationship management, blogger engagement, Internet crisis response, content syndication, online collaboration, blogging, and.

These examples are on the serious side, but I have seen some professional speakers have fun with their speaker bio's. I personally enjoy the ones with a sense of playfulness as long as I get a.

4 Tips to Create Your Conference Speaker Bio; 4 Tips to Create Your Conference Speaker Bio. 0. Have a current one that looks good in black and white and another that looks good in color.

You can go to if you have a good color image that needs to be formatted for black and white. Motus Design Group, llc - Web.

Marketing Coach: How to Write Your Kickass Bio (12 Tips and Example) Tweet As a marketing speaker and marketing coach, my clients often ask. A good speaker biography for a conference is the one that attracts the target persona.

Make it clear what the speech is going to be about in the speaker’s biography to gather the right audience.

How to Write a Personal Biography for a Conference

Relevant: How to invite a speaker to speak at your event for free. Jan 26,  · Your professional bio is, arguably, the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write about yourself.

It’s the first introduction to who you are, what you do and what you’re interested in.

How to write a good speaker bio
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