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Sub Saharan Essay on nigerian culture has a population of million. It covers every aspect of our life-style including economic, political, sociological, and ideological aspects. But it is also true that for the cynic, God provides no relief, for he wants to know who made God.

Working in Teams — Nigerians are very relationship oriented. A culture area is also a description of the way of life of thousands of people in a country.

Ika, Enuani and Ukwuani. When we talk therefore of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and a national development objective, we are referring to our culture as the fountain of the underlining spirit behind all the policies on education, social, political and economic matters.

In other words, culture is the totality of the way of life evolved by people in their attempts to meet the challenges of living in their environment.

Nigerians are taught to respect their elders from a very young age. The material aspect has to do with artifacts in their various forms, namely tools, clothing, Essay on nigerian culture, medicine, utensils, housing, etc.

Team members end of doing and returning favors for one another within and outside work premises. Managing a team or being on a team with much older members can be an issue if not very carefully managed. In this definition, culture gives order and meaning to the social, political, economic, aesthetic, religious norms, values of people, and thus distinguishes them from other people.

Within a given social system, the constituent elements of this context are subsumed under the same factors of production comprising land including bodies of water from which livelihood is derivedlabour and capital.

Thus, the creative power is all-pervading that is omnipresent and omniscience, since all knowledge depends on intelligence, intelligence, on life and life on matter. The strategies for national development would thus depend on the understanding of culture, the adaptation of its elements for political, educational, economic development as well as the utilization of its strengths for social integration and development.

Believers in God also describe, him as omnipresent and omniscience. That is, God and the universe form one mysterious package, and it is futile to try to isolate one from the other. Amongst the West Niger Igbo, there are three dialect clusters: About this resource This Geography essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

He does not understand the nature of space and time; he does not know what matter is made of if indeed it is made of anything. The military dispensation era is still very fresh in the minds of most Nigerians and this may have a role in their preference for leaders that give clear and concise instructions, clearly define the roles of team members and has a direct approach.

More essays like this: Age — Age is a very big deal in Nigeria. Most states in Nigeria embrace variance of cultures. Some other things to note include the following Agreeing with people is considered a sign of respect.

Religion is based, I think, primarily upon Fear It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly as I have said, the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will Stand by you in all your troubles and disputes.

The major Nigerian culture and their characteristic Source: Consensus-style of management is not wide-spread in Nigeria. The use of social capital is very big amongst Nigeria. Above all, he does not understand himself. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

For the believer, the notion of God seems to bring an end to otherwise endless stream of questions. It embodies the attitude of a people to the future of their traditional values when faced by the demands of modern technology which is an essential factor of development and progress.

If we believe that God has no beginning or end, why can we not believe the same of matter?

Myths About Nigerian Culture Essay Sample

Economic has to do with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, but we must bear in mind that these activities take place within the context which may vary from society to society. Inspite of, our pluralistic nature in terms of language, tribe, occupation, architectural design, were bound together by several unifying factors from which a nation culture can be evolved.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Some of these puzzles are, by their very nature, impossible to unravel and this is one of the main reasons why man resorts to religion.Myths About Nigerian Culture Essay Sample.

Nigeria is the most population Black Country in the world. Also, Nigeria is the 7th largest oil producing nation and 7th most populated country in the world. 1 out of every 5 black person(s) on earth is Nigerian. Introduction: Culture is the characteristic of group of people defined by everything such as language, religion, lifestyle etc.

Different people in different societies have different culture but. Migrating to Miami from Nigeria: The Nigerian Culture Essay Words | 4 Pages Name of culture observed: Nigerian Communication Behavior Observations (time 1) Personal observations 1: After migrating to Miami to further my education, I realized it was a very diverse place.

This free Geography essay on Essay: Culture areas of Nigeria and their characteristics is perfect for Geography students to use as an example.

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This free Geography essay on Essay: Culture areas of Nigeria and their characteristics is perfect for Geography students to use as an example. Nigeria is one of those countries.

Like most globalized countries, Nigeria has strayed far from the path of traditional culture, and adopted numerous new aspects of culture of a global nature.

In Nigeria, though, globalization has occurred rather quickly. In Nigeria culture food symbolically represents many things such as the Kola Nut which is a bitter tasting nut. An example of this is you break the nut to welcome visitors, or use the nut in rituals to foresee success, or avoid failure.

Essay on nigerian culture
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