Comparison essay japanese european feudalism

Art of the time period was solely based on religion, though it was primarily Buddhist in Japan, western European art displayed the strength of Christianity in their society.

It was a system that was developed independently on opposite sides of the world: Architecture is another thing that flourished. Knights in Europe were given money while the samurai in Japan were given land. Rounded arches were established, thicker walls were built and the style became more simplistic.

This being taken into consideration, it can also be assumed that the European society had become stable enough that intellectual, aesthetic and economic advancements were possible.

However, it was the opposite in Japan. Their society also had enough stability to create such a large endeavor of aesthetic and intellectual achievements. Merchants had a higher position of status in Europe; they were given some freedom.

Books were published, an example being the The Tale of Genji, the first written novel. It was good for the economy as it helped to connect the different layers of their social hierarchy.

The feudal system helped to stabilize Europe. Both Japan and Europe made these governments separate from each other, at a time in which their governments could not uphold a stable central power, so they rearranged the government to fit their like.

Social changes were also made during the feudal times of both regions. Knights and Shanghais were to protect and fight for both women and Christianity. There were significant similarities and few differences.

Japan eventually moved away from the Chinese influence and developed their own style of art and religion. These codes were the code of ethics for their lifestyle. On almost completely separate sides of the earth, Feudalism began between the 9thth centuries.

This was different in Japan as the religion was Zen Buddhism borrowed from China. Knights in Europe were paid with money, while the Samurais were paid in land. Obidience as in obeying other people would be a difference but obdience as in obeying themselves would be a similarity.

It was so structured and stable they were able to make advancements in their agricultural ways. Despite minor differences, the bulk of the two governments were very similar politically and socially. They had writers, poets and artists all of which flourished during the time of feudal Japan.

Merchants were considered low class which impacted their economy because trade lacked the diversity that was gained in Europe.

A simple assumption can be made that advanced mathematics was required to create the rounded arches. Though there is one unmistakable difference between the two, the warrior code the Samurai of Japan went by, differed immensely from that of the European Knights.

Though these societies shared their number of differences, the number of similarities is astounding.Comparing Japanese and Western European Feudalism Feudalism, beginning in Western Europe and later appearing in Japan, is the system of government in which nobles have certain owed loyalties to the king, in return for grants of land which are run by the serfs.

Similarities and Differences of Japanese and European Feudalism Similarities Japan Europe Both knights and samurais had a code they lived by.

The knights lived by the Code of Chivalry and the samurais lived by the Bushido Code. Differences Between Feudalism in Europe and Japan Essay Words 5 Pages European feudalism was based on contract and Japanese feudalism was based on personal relationship with the lord and vassal.

Start studying Compare and Contrast Feudal Japan & Europe. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Unfortunately for them, Japanese feudalism, like Europe, was hereditary - people were generally stuck in the class they were born into.

Comparing European & Asian Feudalism Related Study. Comparison of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan Use this to revise what we've been learning this year.

Comparing Japanese and Western European Feudalism

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Comparison essay japanese european feudalism
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