Cohabitation more harm than good essay

A growing number of young people are cohabiting today, believing that the cohabiting relationship can serve as a successful testing ground for marriage and, therefore, lessen chances of divorce. Justice Department found that women are 62 times more likely to be assaulted by a live-in boyfriend than by a husband Colson It only occurs in married relationship, not in cohabitation.

Cohabitation is so damaging to our human relationships and leaves such deep scars for a lifetime. It is seemed that the cohabitation is replacing marriage as the first living-together experience for young men and women. Those who cohabit in college have twice the rate of violence and twice the rate of physical abuse than in marriage Johnson Researchers have found that couples who live together before marriage have weaker marriages DeMars and Leslie They do not have responsibility to each other.

Health Reasons The first high risk that those who live together have to face with is having unwanted pregnancy. A newly married couple makes a deliberate effort to accommodate each other because they know their relationship will be for life.

The survey evidence shows how widespread this belief is. The researchers found, while cohabitors anticipate only the time together, married persons anticipate a lifetime.

Thomas Elkins of the University of Michigan has found out that when a person has here or more sexual partners in a lifetime, the odds of getting cervical cancer will be up fifteen times more than usual.

To many people, a good relationship always means much more than physical intimacy. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Physical intimacy is always a mistaken attempt to quickly build emotional bridges, but relationships built on such an inadequate foundation will be eventually collapse.

It is overwhelmingly clear that cohabitation is very harmful for a number of reasons. It is obvious that when you have sex with a person who has been sexually promiscuous, you may potentially catch whatever disease that he or she has contracted.

That is the consequence of sexually promiscuity.

Another psychological problem is that cohabiting couples mostly suffer depression and anxiety. Even though there are new drugs and vaccines which slow its progression, there is still no cure from catching it. If they live together and assume that cohabiting is just a trial relationship, then any pregnancy is unwanted.

The Center for Disease Control reports that approximately Physical attraction is insufficient glue with which to build or maintain a lasting relationship. The couples who live together before marriage often lay a foundation of distrust and lack of respect. To many people, the qualities that hold a relationship together are trust, honesty, openness, deep friendship, spiritual intimacy.Cohabitation Is cohabitation the right alternative to marriage?

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Cohabitation more harm than good essay
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