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Spewak in defined Enterprise Architecture Planning EAP as "the process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures.

The seven components are in the shape of a wedding cake, with each layer representing a different focus of each major task or step. This particular article loosely targets capturing the ethos of an organisation and how it goes about carrying out its functions.

Not an unrealistic response but in truth the majority of organisations or businesses exist to provide a service of one form or another. For an Enterprise Architect this is one of the key documents in their arsenal.

It also supports business plan enterprise architecture of this information within an End-toEnd E2E framework. It is the starting point for the creation of an Enterprise Architecture.

Practically any organisation worth its salt will know which of its services are working and which are not. It consists of Planning Initiation, which covers in general, decisions on which methodology to use, who should be involved, what other support is required, and what toolset will be used.

This layer provides a baseline for defining the eventual architecture and the long-range migration plan.

Enterprise Architecture – The Organisation Business Plan

It does not explain how to define the top two rows of the Zachman Framework in detail but for the sake of the planning exercise, abbreviates the analysis.

Applications Architecture - Definition of the major kinds of applications needed to manage that data and support the business functions. Level 4 - how we plan to get there: The purpose of the BEA is to provide a blueprint for DoD business transformation that helps ensure the right capabilities, resources and material are rapidly delivered to our warfighters - what they need, when they need it, where they need it, anywhere in the world.

The design of systems begins in the third row, outside the scope of EAP. The arrows delineate the basic definition process flow: This view counters the more traditional view that applications should be defined before data needs are determined or provided for.

Overview[ edit ] One of the earlier professional practitioners in the field of system architecture Steven H. It will have consulted its stakeholders and its own staff through forums, internal and external questionnaires, round-table events, user or stakeholder groups and the like and the outcomes will have fed back up the management chain for consumption, challenge and debate.

It sets out what may have influenced the business plan to have changed from previous communications, what principles have been adopted that has led to the new business plan.

The Zachman Framework provides the broad context for the description of the architecture layers, while EAP focuses on planning and managing the process of establishing the business alignment of the architectures.

Informational Releases In Julythe then, Office of the Deputy Chief management Officer started introducing interim releases which reflect incremental content updates made subsequent to the BEA 7.

Enterprise architecture planning

Most important, EAP produces an implementation plan. Technology Architecture - Definition of the technology platforms needed to support the applications that manage the data and support the business functions.

Exhibit 6 shows the seven components or steps of EAP for defining these architectures and the related migration plan.Oct 30,  · The key to effectively using Enterprise Architecture is understanding how to address important Enterprise-wide concerns, such as pursuing the new strategic initiative, meeting stakeholder’s needs, aligning IT resources with the business needs, or the reduction of duplicate systems, data, and Avantika Monnappa.

Enterprise architecture planning (EAP) in enterprise architecture is the planning process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures.

Feb 17,  · Enterprise Architecture – The Organisation Business Plan The purpose of this set of articles is to present my own view on Enterprise Architecture (EA), the roles of the Enterprise Architect and the Reviews: 2. Known by a variety of other names such as Information Architecture, Application Architecture, Business System Architecture, Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture, the basic process is the same – to develop a high level plan of how IT will meet future business problems.

NW Architecture architecture firm business plan executive summary. NW Architecture offers interactive digitally designed architecture in international residential and commercial markets.


Toggle navigation. Starting a business made easy. Business Ideas Architecture Firm Business Plan/5(30). BUSINESS ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE. The Office of the Chief Management Officer (CMO) annually produces the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) to help defense business system owners and program managers make informed decisions.

Business plan enterprise architecture
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