Arson and juveniles

For Arson and juveniles, time-stable individual differences approach can explain what individual characteristics of the juvenile arsonists can influence the deliberate fire setting.

Gatlinburg fire: 2 juveniles face aggravated arson charges

These children usually have some psychological problems which are closely connected with their family environment. It is done accidentally. The parents should not ignore their children.

Nine fires in one night A year old boy lived with his mother who was a drug and alcohol addict. Authorities say the juveniles are also believed to be responsible for a burglary a few days earlier. His father died several years ago.

It is necessary to implement some new methods to prevent the crimes committed by the juveniles. Fire can symbolize both life and death. Officials believe the three juveniles are also linked to another burglary a few days before. Thomas County officials said it happened around 8: According to the statistical data represented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 65, juvenile arsons take place every year in most cities of the United States.

They did not explain their children the danger which can be caused by fire. The boy was left alone. According to the laws of the criminal justice system, all the arsonists should be punished.

Juvenile Arson

Children learn all the necessary information concerning the nature of fire, its main characteristics including its spreading, destructiveness and so on. Those children who find a so called delight in the process of flickering flames are abnormal. They are more aggressive and less socially skilled.

He argues that these children have some mental health problem.

Juveniles accused of burglarizing home, burning it to the ground

According to some psychological studies, the child interest in fire appears before the age of 3. Foster parents are trained to work with such children. It is necessary to add that the instructors also pay special attention on the motives of their children to start a fire.

For example, those children who have serious family problems and want to bring attention to the situation in his family, start a fire in the occupied buildings.

They may have serious mental diseases. They have good communication skills, problem-solving skills, special behavior management, appropriate fire safety education and supervision.

Intentional fires

In most cases, the juvenile arsonists are confined to the special hospital, or residential treatment center, or security facility. They are children of years old who have a motive to start a fire but it is connected with their psychological disorder.Dec 07,  · Two juveniles face charges of aggravated arson in connection with a deadly Tennessee wildfire that began in late November and spread to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, according to Mark Gwyn, director of.

See NFPA's reports and statistics on arson & juvenile firesetting. Two juveniles were arrested Wednesday on aggravated arson charges in the Tennessee wildfires that killed 14 people, and more charges are possible, authorities said Wednesday. The suspects weren't. Arson causes very serious concern for the community and law enforcement is forceful in pursuing these charges.

There is a range of conduct included in both the arson and the reckless burning statutes. It is known that the term arson can be related to both juveniles and adults.

Of course, there are different motives for arson in both cases. Adult arsonists are. BOSTON, Ga.

Arson and Juveniles Essay

(WCTV) -- A home in Boston was destroyed in a fire on Friday. Three juveniles have been arrested and charged with arson and burglary.

Arson and juveniles
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